Daniel Lissing and Sahr Ngaujah
I worked in Disney World as a culinary assistant back in the late 90's.  It is well known that every employee of "The Mouse" must endure a process called "Traditions."  This of course is Disney's way of educating their employees on how to handle certain situations with the public.  I remember one such class about handling celebrities.  The most important thing that I remember most is the need to treat them as if they were anyone else.

The thing is they aren't just anyone else.  If they are in attendance to an event that I am shooting, in many cases they are being bombarded with fans trying to talk to them.   This of course is understandable, and I think that when they walk in to a venue, they are aware that their is always a potential for this to happen.  In most cases, it least in my experience they seem very cordial. 

The photo above is of Daniel Lissing (left) and Sahr Ngaujah (right).  They were living in Hawaii while shooting a TV show called Last Resort.  Sarh is a big fan of house music and really enjoyed the Soulgasm events put on at ThirtynineHotel every third Friday of the month.  Like clockwork, every month Sahr would bring the cast of Last Resort. 

Daniel and Sahr were always eager to be in photos, however I sometimes encounter a few familiar faces that haven't been so eager to be seen in the scene.  This of course brings up ethical issues on when and when to not take photos of someone.

The same rules apply to a celebrity as it would anyone else.  What are the rules about shooting anyone else?  Well you can check out my previous post here.  The main thing is be friendly, and don't treat them any different from anyone else, they are just as important to the event as the regular Joe Schmo that walks into the venue that wants to hear good music and enjoy a night with friends. 

What do you guys think though?  Should celebrities be treated any differently then the "regular customer" at a venue?



02/04/2014 12:44am

Hi Peter,

My name is Suzette Bakelaar and I live in The Netherlands. Thanks a lot for posting this great pic of Daniel and Sahr.

I was wondering if I was allowed to add your post to my website about Daniel and if I could add the photo to the fansite gallery. This is a closed off area and will only be accessable by members of the fansite. You'll be credited ofcourse.

Pls let me know and thanks for your post!

Best wishes


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04/17/2017 5:15pm

I have been working in Entertainment Industry for almost two years now. It's true that the celebrities are getting more special treatments compare to the normal people. Regarding your question, it is a case to case basis. Celebrities are celebrities. They want all the attention on them. But I also believe they should experience what the normal people experience. After all, they are still human being, the only difference is that, they are working in front of the cameras.


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I remember one such class about handling celebrities like Daniel Lissing and Sahr Ngaujah. The most important thing that I remember most is the need to treat them as if they were know anyone else.

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